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July 3rd 2015

Concrete Decor Magazine did a recent article on the concrete countertops we did for Episode 143 of Love It Or List It.  The episode: “Dave and Sonya have spent 8 years battling a never-ending to do list in their mid-century home. Graphic designer Dave loves the feel of the house but Sonya is fed up with the issues that constantly appear. Will David find them a functioning home without the to do list or will Hilary make them fall in love all over again by reinventing many of the home’s hotly debated spaces?”  Check out the episode here.

-June 30th 2015

Last night HGTV aired an episode of Love It Or List It that featured the concrete countertops we collaborated on with CCI, Carl Zunker and Rob Martin.  We casted and installed the concrete countertops in a house in Raleigh NC.  CCI also wrote and article about the experience that can be found below.  It was a great experience and we had a great time.

Concrete Countertop Institute HGTV Love It Or List It

Reinventing a Skill – An article written about us by The Concrete Countertop Institute.

Concrete Bar Top Made in Charlotte, NC


-June 24th 2015

We have exciting news!  We installed concrete countertops in Raleigh, NC last month and they will be on a popular show on Monday June 29th.  We can’t announce which show it will be on yet but the concrete countertops we did for this kitchen turned out great.  We can’t wait to see them on tv.


-April 21st 2015

We had a customer who wanted to have a greek key in their concrete countertops and run the entire length of their bar.  They wanted it to be a copper color.  Initially the customer was pushing for vinyl lettering to be placed over the concrete bar top and then have a sealer applied over everything.  Since this was a commercial bar setting we advised against this as the patrons would be likely to pick at the stickers and could possibly spell disaster down the road.  In the end we decided to apply a negative of the image with a vinyl decal on the concrete countertop and acid stain inside of this.  The acid stain gave us the copper color we were looking for and the logo was now part of the concrete and would not be coming off.  In the end the customer was really happy with the attention to detail and the concrete bar tops looked great.  When we meet with our customers we always listen to their ideas and make them a reality but sometimes  we can work together with our customers to make their ideas even better and incorporate them into their concrete countertop, concrete bar tops, shower surrounds etc.  Whatever project they are working on we strive to make it even better than they imagined.Acid-Stained-Symbol-Concrete-Bar


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